Nice day for it – Day 2. Stalking

Some people may say that taking photographs of beautiful buildings, in a beautiful city full of mostly beautiful people could be nothing but sheer fun, frolicks and the occasional bout of drinking fine wines. These people would not be incorrect, nor would they be wrong or way off the mark, but they would not be entirely correct.

As Ronald Reagan once said whilst addressing Maggie Thatcher over a post coital woodbine and half of mild, “the weather can’t half balls things up love.” Ronnie was not wrong. Addled as he may have been by Maggie’s beauty and masculine charms, his word held a great deal of resonance. And such it was that I peered out of my bedroom window on my second day in Nice. The sky held all the charm of a Friday night out in Runcorn and allure of a kick in the nuts from an irate Hare. It was dark, it was overcast and it was gloomy. As with Saturday, nice was not supposed to be like this. To complete my assignment for, the weather really needed to be my chum, but it had seemingly take its ball home.

The key to the Cote D’Azur is in its title, i.e. the Azure element of the place. Be that the sea or sky, it is helpful to have some element of Azure in your photos. Glorious buildings will always be glorious buildings, but sun is what makes people spend needlessly and strip of layers of clothing, regardless of what the wider world things of the results. The sun was not happening. Rain was happening, gloom was happening, a chill wind was happening, but no sun.

So, I hear you say, how do you overcome this slight impediment? How do you find something to do other than drink coffee, snipe about the strange elderly ladies dressed like their dogs and ingest beer? I am glad to tell you that I found a simple answer, I stalked people. I have to clarify that this was not menacing, insidious or illegal, at least not to any extent that I am aware of. I found people who looked interesting, largely half crazed or those who had patently lived a life that was now etched on their features. Once I had found them, I pretended to take photos of the interesting plants next to them and then, whilst they weren’t looking, snapped away until they turned back to face me.

It worked, apart from the Swiss Chard, Olive and Red pepper ice cream I shared, the three beers, the two coffees and the platter Nicoise, I managed to take the better part of 600 photos of fascinating looking people and more church spires. Not such a bad day after all…….

doing the papers

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