Surely you know the way by now?

It was either the late, great Alvin Stardust or the long lamented moulder of boys, Lord Baden Powell who said; “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. And never has a wiser word been spoken. I understand the premise, I understand the reasoning behind the cunning verbal twist that leaps out of nowhere and I have taken it to heart for my latest assignment from those truly delightful chaps and chapesses at

I have been to Nice before. I have wandered its streets, ceaselessly. Some of my wanderings were in the correct direction, some were in the incorrect direction. Either way, my wanderings were full of wonder, architectural bliss and style on a level not very often seen in the High Peak District. Less Asda jogging bottoms, more Gucci everything. Less KFC, more gastronomic wonder and all with the equivalent price bracket!

And so I found myself sat at my desk the other night, map in front of me, requested lists of photographs from beside it. I compared on contrasted, I reviewed, revised and mulled before finally coming to the conclusion that even though I was looking at all the information I needed in front of me, I was still lost. I ask you, how can you get lost looking at a map that even has little pictorial representations of the exact place you need to go. Googlemaps was no use; one street looked as blurry as the next as I clicked too hard on the mouse, though it did provide entertainment looking at the bemused faces lined up at the bus stops.

My friends and family provided no help, no assistance. One suggested that I needed a Sat Nav surgically drilling in to my skull, however most simply suggested that I had the geographically mental capacity of a baffled Gnu. A touch harsh I felt, but not entirely incorrect.

I’m flying on Friday. I just hope I can find my way to the airport. I will keep you posted. I just hope I don’t end up in Lyon after one wrong left turn too many…..

thinking 2

I need to sit down and work out where in Nice I am…….

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