Hello Nice, nice to meet you – It’s about the small things

I like to think that I can pick the smaller details out from the usual, the everyday as I wander along the streets in a state of general lostness (it may not be in a a dictionary, but it is a good word that should appear more often). I like to think that I have attuned my eyes and my Spidey-senses to pick out the more interesting aspects of life and if they happen to be standing still, then all the better. I find there is nothing more annoying when engaged in an act of rampant photography. Where at all possible, I like my subjects docile and preferably lifeless, but that is just a personal preference and not a comment on any of those I hold most dear to me.

In this regard, Nice was fantastic. There was so much of the inanimate and the immobile that my eyes felt battered, abused and in a state of wonder. Of course, there were the statues and the buildings in plentiful supply. If you like your men, lifeless, stiff and either stuck on top of a pole or plonked in the middle of water and frolicking stone horses, then Place Massena is most definitely for you. These naked men, the ones stuck on their poles at least, even have the decency to change colour for your delectation at night. Wonderful.

But  it wasn’t just the statues that remained at a pace less than static. Much to my shame, it was only after three days of mooching, stalking and snapping, that I finally noticed that the people of Nice have developed a magnificent facility to enhance the world around them, simply by being in it. From the more mature vintage in Furs, saucer sized sunglasses and appalingly dyed red hair, the beautiful things trying not to sweat over their designer sports gear as they pretend to jog, even to the winos sat on the bench and surrounded by his empty cans, they are all at it. They all enhance the landscape they inhabit. Nice even had people driving Segways, seemingly as a legitimate form of transport. Even there, they weren’t actually moving much, rather they were parked up and reclining at a tentative angle as they talked in to their wafer-thin mobile phones.

And then I came along and spoiled it all……… Still, I had a reason for looking like a beaten Scarecrow, I had photos to take, a world to capture and luckily for me, there were plenty of other people happy to spruce the place up with their presence.

MAMAC confused man in the city Blue benches headphones thinking 2 bw

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