There I was, just walking down the street……

You must have done it. We’ve all done, it. Even those who would go to their grave, kicking and screaming and denying have done it. The difference between you, us and them is that we are not afraid to admit it, sometimes anyway.

There you are, in the street, it could be any street at any time. You could be in the street, pondering the latest move to advance the career you despise, you could be desperately and inexpertly trying to inveigle your way into the underwear of another, or you could be simply trying to buy a single pound of turnips, but it will happen to you. A simple sideways glance, looking at nothing, a vague turn of the head at something you can’t quite put your finger on, anything. And then you see it. You see a future vision of yourself, a portent for Monday mornings and A&E wards to come in the future.

There are no rules for when, what or how. There are no hard and fast allocations of these visitation, but when you see it, you see it and there is no escaping it. It could be writ in a vegetable, molded in clay, the shape of a gnarled tree or even, god forbid, in the face of an innocent child.

It happened to me the other day. It was not an accurate representation of my features, of anything specific, rather it was a general hint, a suggestion, but I knew. I was happily avoiding reading any more ball crunchingly dull emails as I wandered around the streets of Manchester when I found myself face to face with a door and the knowledge that something familiar was looking back at me. It was a good door, an excellent door, a door to the back of the law courts, imposing in its height, splendour and metal nobbly bits along its entirety. But it wasn’t the door, marvelous as it was, that seduced me it was the spectre of things to come, guarding either side of the door that made me stop, turn and look in to its eyes. Either side of the door sat a pair of Gargoyles, half dog, half cabbage-eared demon and all of it familiar. Its grimaced smile reminded me of mirrored reflections post-6 mile run, its confused grimace smile of too many conversations at the pub. I was caught, transfixed. I had just seen the mirror in years to come, just as you all have done……..

dog goyle


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