Doors hold the power, and don’t they know it!

As the 17th Century Philosopher Josia Wedson once said; “Those who are bored of doors, are bored of life”. I think we could all learn something from this huge dollop of profundity.

Doors are cool, get over it. Everybody will have a favourite door, everybody will have walked past a door and nodded in firm appreciation of the impeccably correct nature of it. Granted, they might not know they are doing it and this possibly goes back to the fact that door appreciation is quite possibly one of the basest human instincts we have. Did you know for example that the very first instance of the “when is a door not a door? When it’s a jar” joke comes from the inability of the apostles to properly close the boulder which served as a door to the cave? There, you’ve learned something already.

But back to more modern times. Doors rock, are rocking and will rock. But why is this the case? Some doors are simply ace and look fantastic, whereas some doors just don’t try hard enough. Some doors are the bland, faceless accountants, some the brazen whore; all fur coat, too much makeup and no knickers and some are simply the majestically classy super models marvel of the architectural world. Why should a block of wood, metal or polymer plastics intrigue and invite?

A completely un and ill-informed study has recently shown that the very reason is because every single person on this planet is nosey and wants to know what is going on behind a door, whether they have any right of affiliation to that door. Doors hold the power of intrigue, speculation and conjecture. Doors allow the childish mind to resurface from its dormant slumber and apply any story that they care to dream up on to the situation.

Behind that door, until you peer behind it, anything is possible. Behind that door, any amount of sexual scandal, religious buggerings, political intrigue or murder could be taking place. Whatever you can imagine could easily be taking place and that glorious door blocks and denies our inherent, addictive and insatiable need to know what is going on. And therein lies their power.

All hail the power of the door!

blue door back door to the  cross

6 thoughts on “Doors hold the power, and don’t they know it!”

  1. You can delete this: Last sentence: ‘therein’ is one word, and you mean ‘their’.
    I’m awatchin’ you!
    I saw The Doors at the Roundhouse sometime 1965/6. The End.

    Nice pics. The apostle thing isn’t true.

    1. I love doors and it’s nice to find somebody else that makes me feel slightly less odd! Your comments are much appreciated, thank you. Your s is great to look at too. I think doors give a massive sense of intrigue and make you want to know what is going on behind them.

      1. EXACTLY! In the words of Jim Morrison, I always want to, “break on through to the other side…” (hehe) … love doors.

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