Say it loud and say it proud, I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER

You feel the weight in one of two places, or at least I do. You know that the butt of the camera’s battery grip is nestled in the curl of the fingers on your right hand gripping, you just can’t feel it. I liken it to the sensation footballers describe when they strike the perfect shot and cannot feel it. I would also liken it to the emotion Accountants get when they get a 12 digit calculator….. I also get the feeling in my shoulder when I know the bag is on my bag and the camera is nestled somewhere in there between the 3 week hold bottle of Diet Coke, a half eaten Double Decker chocolate bar and the newspaper with the concise crossword I failed to complete, again.

To note, I am very aware of the picture this creates of me, but I would be untrue and a liar to say this is a wrong picture. I also have a short beard, just for reference. Anyway, I have digressed to something away from my point. The camera is weighing heavy.

I supposed that my point is whether or not it is right to have the extra level of appendage dangling from your arm in a Simian kind of manner, or hanging form your back, poised and ready. I think it is. I know that Rock stars of a nervous disposition berate their own fans for standing at their gigs watching proceedings through a a tiny little, shiny screen and quite rightly so, You can’t watch a gig through a tiny little screen of a phone camera without having something fundamental missing in your complete cerebral makeup, but possibly I am different. Photographers are different. WE ARE DIFFERENT AND WE DON’T USE SMART PHONES, well, not all of us anyway. (Caveat here, Smart phones can take half decent photos, but not proper ones – discuss……….)

I like to wander around with a camera dangling from my knuckles, it makes me feel good. I am perfectly aware of the parents looking at me nervously as I wander past, though that is possibly the beard again, and I am perfectly cognisant  of the people driving past me in the car wondering what the funk I am looking at, but that is one of the risks of owning a camera and choosing to use it. Hey folks, photography is a choice, a way of life. I’m proud, I’m a photographer, get used to it.

I have come to terms with my photography, I suggest you do the same.

castleton 002

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