If it doesn’t move, is it cheating?

I don’t know about you, but I do find that there are times when taking photos of things that actually have the audacity and the downright nerve to have a sense of animation of self-propelled motion, just seems like too much hard work. They walk, twitch, sway, run, bite and argue when you try and take their photo and make the situation one that simply can’t be done. 

You can apply this sentiment to people, animals, birds, flowers and anything caught in the wind that happens to be making a bid for freedom. I personally find that flowers are the most ball crunhingly annoying culprits in this regard. Once you have overcome the social awkwardness of kneeling down next to a bloom, then blanked out the confused stares you know are aimed at your and the lens you are sticking in to the plant and finally managed to pull some kind of focus from the jewel of nature, you just know that the little git will be caught on a breeze. You can see the finest detail of the stamen, the veins of purest, gossamer colour and a just primed to click the button, when the faintest, merest hint of a waft of air comes along along and shoves it out of view. 

Birds are just as bad. They preen, they dance, they sing in full, operatic glory, fully in the knowledge that the gangling lump pointing a camera at them and teetering on the brink of sanity is just about to click to their hearts content, and then, they’re gone. They hold up the metaphorical middle finger, the unliteral V-sign and simply “do one”. Quite where they go, nobody has ever been able to prove, though my bets are that they are hovering just behind your own head. 

I think this is probably why I decided quite quickly to concentrate on things that do not move such as walls, buildings and bridges, oh, and my cat whilst he’s asleep. Don’t get me wrong, when the mood takes him he can be as high maintenance and preening as the most venal super-model, but most of the time, it is simply too much hassle for him to move. 



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