But you can’t see his face…….

Now, I’m not talking about anything immoral, nothing vindictive or any act that would make you ashamed to face your Mum/Nan/Aunty/Primary School teacher over a cup of tea and a macaroon here. No war crimes, dogging, sex tape revelations or a moustache grown outside of a charitable focus. I’m talking about people in your photos. To clarify and give this some level of context, I’m not coming from an artistic perspective and how those bloody people who dare to walk on the same pavements as you are about as welcome as a Scotch Bonnet chili pepper in a condom. Nor am I coming from the perspective of whether these people simply should know better than get in the way of somebody who is pointing a lens at something and clicking furiously whilst muttering a barrage of expletives.

No, I am very much coming at this argument from a perspective of whether including a real life person in a photograph, even by lucky circumstance, is wrong on a moral basis. This may sound overly sensitive and just a touch Mary Poppins until I clarify that the person in the photograph may not actually done a great deal of service by their inclusion in the captured image.

I am thinking about one instance in particular here. As ever, I was pottering around Manchester’s Northern Quarter, this time on a Sunday afternoon, the time when a whole new world of paintings and street canvases come to life from shops that don’t have the commercial drive to open on a Sunday. On the way up Oldham Street, I just happened to find a wonderful painting of a Minx in a Russian Military cap, as you do and started snapping away. It just so happened that at this very same time, a rather solitary looking chap in a blue cagool (they do still exist) wandered past and in to my frame. I love the photo and love the context that his presence gives the shot. He may well be the most respectable, steam-engine enthusing and cardigan wearing chap of all time, but for that split second he adds a fantastic air of tawdry seediness that lifts the image to something else. But, you can’t see his face, well, not really

To see more, go to https://www.flickr.com/photos/pdkimages/

!yes miss 2 the raincoat

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