How do you solve a problem like Maria, how do you catch a moonbeam in your hand?

You can’t beat a quote, albeit probably paraphrased to high heaven, from “The Sounds of Music” to start a blog can you!

Within 4 square miles of where I live there are so many beautiful views and wonderful images that lift the heart and set a sparkle in the eye that it is almost greedy. The Peak District is a mixture of the lush, the rugged and all things in between. Big rolling hills, moorland as far as the eyes can squint and deep, jagged caverns. Add in to this the scars of interest and industry imposed by our goodselves and it should be a photographers dream. 

So, to coin an all to ubiquitous question; why can I not take a photograph round here that truly captures the beauty of the place. This simple fact frustrates, irritates and infuriates me for the very simple premise that I am taking a photo of something beautiful so surely it should naturally follow that my photo should be beautiful, shouldn’t it?

No. I can click and moan as much as I want – and believe me I do, it just never quite gets it, never quite captures the point of the view. As the late, great Eric Morecambe once said when describing his unique piano playing, it has all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order. And that, to use some terribly bad grammatical form, is how I feel about landscape photographs from my own camera. How do you catch a moonbeam in your hand, indeed?Image


Nature is so much easier to photograph when it is painted on a wall don’t you think?

One thought on “How do you solve a problem like Maria, how do you catch a moonbeam in your hand?”

  1. Walls don’t move, do they?! Capturing the essence of any living thing has to be difficult. Don’t give up trying though.

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