It isn’t always the big things….

…or so I am told. It may just be me, and it quite often is, but It’s not the great big “Slap you about the face” things that grab a chap’s attention all the time. As ever, wandering around Stevenson Square on a gorgeous, sunny Manchester Bank Holiday I ended up in Stevenson Square enjoying a coffee and as I squinted through the heat (yes, heat in Manchester), something caught me. It wasn’t the two rat faced boys in tracksuits seemingly confused with the world, it wasn’t the new murals on the old public toilet block, but something round the corner.It may have been the combination of a few pints and a hit of caffeine talking, but it was a simple, stenciled Magpie, just around the corner that made me want to grab my camera for the first time that day. 

It’s the simple things in life, so it’s lucky I’m a simple man………..Image

If you’d like to see more photos, click here –


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